Newsworthy’s Top 101 Outstanding Professionals of 2017: Robert Fischell

Robert Fischell will have his biography featured on Newsworthy Publishing. This in an honor bestowed among those who have shown eminence in their chosen fields. 
Mr. Fischell is a scientist, engineer, and a medical device inventor. Previously, he was involved in the creation of modern era satellites including those used for communications, business, entertainment and national security purposes. He currently holds over 200 patents and is the father of modern medical stents, implantable insulin pumps, and lifetime pacemaker batteries.
Frequent collaborators include his sons, Dr. David Fischell (physicist), Dr. Tim Fischell (cardiologist) and Scott Fischell (MBA). Their most recent collaboration has yielded an implantable computer which provides the earliest possible warning of a pending heart attack. This medical marvel is pacemaker sized. Robert Fischell is also the founder of Angel Medical Systems, with his son David Fischell serving as C.E.O. Since 1969 Robert has founded over half a dozen companies, including but not limited to Pacesetter Systems, NeuroPace, NeuraLieve, and IsoStent. 
Further reading on the life and career of Robert Fischell is available on Newsworthy Publishing,

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