Newsworthy’s Top 101 Outstanding Professionals of 2017: Dr. Julie Renee Brahmer

Dr. Julie Renee Brahmer will the be focus of an upcoming biographical narrative on Empire Broadcasting Group. This in an honor bestowed among those who have shown eminence in their chosen fields.
Dr. Julie Renee Brahmer is the Appointed Thoracic Cancer Director at Johns Hopkins. Currently, she is focused on the development of anti-PD-1 antibodies. Anti-PD-1 antibodies are a developing immunotherapy theory where the tumor cells ability to use the host’s immune system to prevent destruction is bypassed, therefore the negating the protective “shield” that the tumor is leeching off the immune system and allowing the tumor to be susceptible to treatment. There are hopes that this may be used for thoracic malignancies and other immunotherapy. Dr. Brahmer’s expertise also includes clinical trials, lung cancer, medical oncology, and mesothelioma. 
Further information regarding the life and career of Dr. Julie Renee Brahmer will be available during the broadcast of her biographical narrative. Information regarding times and date of air may be found on Empire Broadcasting Groups’ website,
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