Mary Ross 

Representing the calibration instrument manufacturing with body composition assessment community 

Job Title: President and CEO 

University/Degree: University of Oregon, Bachelor’s degree. 

Affiliations: Campfire Girls, Canada, Canadian Figure Skating Association, Douglas College Coaching Diploma Course 

Newsworthy Publishing is proud to present Mary Ross, President and CEO of Rosscraft Innovations Incorporated, as one of our Top 101 Outstanding Professionals, of 2017, representing the calibration instrument manufacturing with body composition assessment community. Rosscraft Innovations is an instrument design, manufacturing and distribution company, located in Canada. It was created in 1981. The company’s mission is to help researchers in the service of human-kind provide both the tools and learning materials for assessing human physique and monitoring the changes with growth, exercise and nutrition. The company is responsive to scientists and health professionals. Her husband Bill Ross who founded Rosscraft Innovations Inc. still serves as Scientific Director to continually design and develop instruments for use in kinanthropometry and kinesiology.

Mary is responsible for trade shows, presentations, affiliations and investments within the company. She has over 30 years of experience within her profession. She attended the University of Oregon, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree. She organized Campfire Girls in Canada and conducted day camps on the South Surrey peninsula. She also was a substitute teacher in Surrey for a year. Being a mother to two skating daughters, she managed a Coaches’ Club Job Opportunities Service for the BC Section of the Canadian Figure Skating Association. She helped coaches and clubs develop employment practices that are still in effect today.

Newsworthy Publishing is proud to present Mary Ross with this honor, for her hard work and long filled success.