Judith Rogala

Judith Rogala is an accomplished business expert with over thirty years of experience working with companies at their most significant and challenging transitional times they have faced. Judith mostly works on a daily basis with clients, focusing on areas of leadership consulting, innovation, goal training, business and brand development, problem solving, program development and more.

Judith dedicates her success to her parents as wells as priding it to them. She always advices to those individuals entering the industry is to know yourself. She is also a member of CZOO and IWF. Judith is also the co-author of the book, “Trust, Inc.” and the column “The Briefcase.”

Graduating at the age of 35 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, she went on to earn her Master of Business Administration from the University of Mexico.

Judith Rogala is the CEO of The Catapult Factor, a company who specializes in business growth, turnaround and works with startups. It mostly functions as a business advisory service offering planning and execution strategies for corporate ventures on an international level.

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