Guy W. Jordan, Ph.D. – Gainesville, GA

Guy W. Jordan is a licensed psychologist in Gainesville, GA. He wrote the book of Simplify Your Emotions: Steps to Happiness which is available on Amazon and eBay. Mr. Jordan focuses on the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral health issues. A clinical psychologist uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health.

Guy W. Jordan, PhD is a native of Blackshear and has recently published SIMPLIFY YOUR EMOTIONS: STEPS TO HAPPINESS.

Losing a child is devastating emotionally and described as the worst pain possible. The author lost his son following an extended medical illness. Subsequent to this loss, the author became more aware of how difficult it is for most people to manage their reactions to problems in their lives.

As a psychologist, the author gained new insights into life experiences and struggles that directly affected his family and his approach to helping others. Emotions in life events are often so overwhelming they seem unbearable. Negative emotions impact all relationships. Learn to change negative feelings into positives. This book provides, in a simple format, how to identify and manage emotions based on the author’s life experiences and training. In this informative yet easy-to-read guide, learn to deal with overwhelming emotions.

Practical, common sense steps for managing feelings are applied to everyday situations that can change lives. You will learn: How to be happy, To understand our four basic emotions, How to transition from one emotion to another, To normalize dealing with grief, and Tips for managing everyday situations with adults and children for a happier life. Simplify your feelings to simplify your life.

You will be inspired by the knowledge and faith the author brings to this topic. Readers from elementary school to mature adults will identify with, and benefit from, the information in this book.


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