Job Title: Doctor

Industry: Health Care

University/Degree: Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University in 1950, MD from Columbia University in 1954

Affiliations: Editorial board for Circulation Research

Newsworthy Publishing is proud to present Glenn Langer, MD as one of our Top 101 Outstanding Professionals of 2017 representing the health care community in cardiology research. Glenn Arthur Langer, MD born in Nyack, New York, May 5, 1928 started his profession by earning a Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University in 1950 and an MD from Columbia University in 1954. He has spent more than six decades pursuing his passion for helping others. Dr. Langer completed an internship in medicine a Massachusetts General Hospital from 1954 to 1955, and residencies in medicine at Presbyterian Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital from 1957 to 1960. Between 1958 and 1959, he served as a clinical instructor in medicine and a fellow at the Cardiopulmonary Laboratory at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Behind his impressive background, he set out into the workforce serving as a research fellow in the cardiovascular laboratory at UCLA Medical Center and an assistant physician at Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Following that, Dr. Langer has a long history with UCLA, with positions including associate professor in the Department of Medicine and Physiology, professor of medicine and physiology, associate dean of research, and director of the cardiovascular research laboratories. In 1996, he and his wife established a mentoring program for students at Lennox Middle School.

Eventually, he expanded his program to high schools and colleges. Dr. Langer has been helping the less fortune children in California get through school for the past 22 years. It started out with seven students from Lennox Middle School who were all in 7th grade, they were scholar-shipped throughout the rest of their schooling and also college with all funds paid by Dr. Langer. The first 7 students economically disadvantaged that were chosen into his beginning of his scholarship program were provided with teachers and mentors who took them on educational and cultural activities. The students from Fort Bragg and Mendocino were lucky enough to have mentor Larry Sawyer take them on a trip to Washington, D.C. for the Inauguration of President Obama.

They were brought straight to the Inauguration Party at the California Democratic Party Gala, where they were graciously approached by Leader Nancy Pelosi as she spoke to each of them individually. The scholars were awe struck by her interest and concern. By the time these seven scholars graduated from high school, the program had grown through the help of additional contributors and was expanded and located in several school districts in Northern and Southern California. Over 10 schools received help from Dr. Langer and other contributors in communities across California. In southern California, they work with students from El Monte, Hawthorne, Lennox and the Palms area of Los Angeles and in northern California they serve students in Fort Bragg, Mendocino and Ukiah. For the past 22 years, the organization has offered promising students a life-changing opportunity to turn their dream of a college education into a reality. The organization’s success rates are among the highest of comparable programs in the state, 92% of the programs’ graduates have been accepted to four-year universities, including such outstanding schools as Harvard, Stanford, University Of California, University of Southern California, Berkeley, Loyola Marymount, Brown, Duke, Georgetown, and Wellesley. Over 90% of alumni enroll in a four year college directly from high school, passing the national average. Six of the graduates have won Gates Millennium Scholarships and the alumni are completing college at impressive rates. Students who are blessed enough to have Dr. Langer provide them with their college experience also received approximately 25 million dollars in financial aid.

It cost Dr. Langer 4,000 every 4 years for a scholarship to these college’s. Dr. Langer has much passion for helping the less fortunate. Dr. Langer later on decided that it was time to become a non-profit organization, apart from the school districts. In 2002, the Langer Scholarship Program became the Partnership Scholars Program. A board was established and more volunteers were added to help with the growing population of scholars and mentors. Dr. Langer partnered up with many different recipient’s who were interested in his program. The first annual recipient was Malcolm Boyce, to become and stay committed to the success and sustainability of the Partnership Scholars Program. Mr. Boyce was a leader on the PSP Board of Trustees. He and his wife Sylvia have made it possible for numerous scholars to participate in the program, changing many lives along the way, and have been active participants in PSP for many years. Another recipient was Arlene LeGaspe, in recognition of her leadership of the El Monte regional programming. Ms. LeGaspe has spent countless hours making sure the program runs smoothly and providing mentors and scholars with guidance that they need. When it became apparent that individual volunteers could no longer oversee the entire program effectively, the Board of Trustees hired their first full-time Executive Director, Patricia Zwagerman. With her extensive experience as an Executive Director for youth non-profits and as a teacher, she helped the program continue to grow and establish the infrastructure necessary to prepare for additional continuous growth.

The program grew very rapidly, and in 2002, he then decided to form a nonprofit separate from the school districts. The Partnership Scholars Program was born from this decision, and although Patricia Zwagerman took over as executive director in 2007, Dr. Langer continues to serve the nonprofit’s board of trustees as its founder. He served as the editor of the Mammalian Myocardium in 1974, its second edition in 1997, and Calcium and the Heart in 1990, and was a member of the editorial board for Circulation Research from 1971 to 1976. Other impressive achievements include the Cybulski Medal from the Society of Poland, the Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Heart Association Science Council, and the Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award from the LA County Heart Association.

This highly successful program has expanded and are affiliated with 22 different schools since it was created. We over at Newsworthy Publishing offer Dr. Glenn Langer our highest honor and welcome his inclusion into our Top 101 Outstanding Professionals Of 2017.

We over at Newsworthy Publishing offer Glenn Arthur Langer, MD our highest honor and welcome his inclusion into our Top 101 Outstanding Professionals Of 2017.