Becky Sexton

Becky Sexton started Twin Lakes Environmental Services, LLC in July 2004. Becky works one on one with producers to assure that there is understanding of the paperwork being created. It is our belief that the regulations, as complex as they are, have made this much more difficult than this needs to be. We want to make this process much simpler for the producers we work with and strive to bring our paperwork back to the point of understanding on the part of the producers. We work closely with our clients to assure we understand what they wish to accomplish so that their paperwork can make this happen as well.

Becky is also active within her community, volunteering for the Iowa Food and Family Project as well as holding membership in the Iowan Cattleman’s Association, Iowa Pork Producers, International Women’s Leadership Association and the First Presbyterian Church. In her role as spouse to a state legislator, she participates in the annual district parades as well as attends weekly community events.

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