Job Title: Senior Scientist

Industry: Pharmaceuticals R&D

Name of Company: Nano Viricides

University/Degree: B.S. in Chemistry from Purdue University

Affiliations: American Chemical Society, Association for Women in Science, cancer ogranizations such as St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation, YMCA

Awards: Oldest female to attempt the English Channel

What started as a simple concept of networking and career recognition, exploded into a profound way of life and a mentorship program that will guide the youth of America, for perhaps hundreds of years. What started as a gathering of brilliance in every field and industry, led to a whirlwind of contribution to humanity, culture, and technology, and in this case, most importantly heart. One quality of life, “Heart” we feel is untaught and certainly not part of any workbook or academic lesson. No one carries this quality better than Internationally respected competitive swimmer and scientist, Ann Louis Onton. Yes, heart is not listed on any cold resume we know of. Not part of a 40 minute class attached to three college credits. Not recommended as a method of calculating a difficult mathematical equation. It is however, the most important tool in life, which Ann carries with he across vast distances of aquatic adventure in abundance. It’s simple, Ms. Onton loves a challenge. From her earliest days, Ann was not dipping her toes in the water. She took God’s gift and built a swimming legacy that spans several decades. Ann has hundreds of awards, and has participated in hundreds of swimming events. From Manhattan Island to the English Channel, this powerhouse of human strength, is the model of mentorship that we here at Newsworthy Publishing cling to when inspiring others. Ann sets the example in our society that life is truly an adventure, and that the couch is only a place for potatoes. Today, as a senior nothing has changed. Ann ventures out into the depths, and perhaps unknowingly, has changed the lives of thousands of people with every stroke. We know how important it is to know that we are very much aware of the violence our children have exhibited the last few years. For us the answer starts with a courageous professional, who put her heart into everything she did. Maybe it starts not with a lesson in ethics or academics but more so a lesson in pursuing a dream or a hobby or a goal. Today, Ann offers us all of this in one priceless breath. She offers us a way of life. She offers us the meaning of life. She offers us a benevolent 21st century, where mother nature combines with human integrity and divine inspiration. With that, we proudly present our finest participant Ann Louise Onton.