Dr. Amity Pierce Buxton

Dr. Amity Pierce Buxton
Representing the L.G.B.T Advocation Community
Job Title: Founder/ Owner
University/ Degree: Marymoth College- B.A. English and History-1952, Columbia University- M.A. English 1962
Affiliations: Family Pride Coalition -“Lifetime of Leadership Award”, Book: The Other Side Of The Closet, Straight Spouse Network¬†
Newsworthy Publishing is proud to present Dr.Amity Pierce Buxton as one of our Top 101 Outstanding Professionals of 2017 representing the L.G.B.T. Advocation community. Dr.Buxton took an early retirement from Oakland School District to devote her time to building up her national network. Straight Spouse Network was designed and built off Dr.Buxton’s personal life experiences in which she was married to a man, whom later revealed himself to be gay. Her personal experiences have made it very easy for her to relate to other individuals in similar situations. The Straight Spouse Network is the first of its own kind, in its very own category. The Network, ran out her spare bedroom, has reached more than 6,000 people and has hot line contacts in every state, 65 support groups around the country and internationally, as well as a busy website with multiple chat groups and email lists. After 10 years, the organization has an annual budget of 25,000 –mostly from members donations — that pays for a newsletter, mailings, the web site and other resources. Dr. Amity Buxton takes extraordinary measures to ensure the foundation of the family while they suffer through trauma. Dr.Buxton’s current job includes being responsible for researching, writing, mentoring, and hosting speaking engagements to help our society better understand the effects of having a family member come out. Dr.Buxton is a caring and compassionate individual who hopes that one day the “Straight Spouse Network”, will become a household name and then one day beyond that, the need for the organization dies out.
Newsworthy publishing would like to extend our highest honor and welcome Dr.Amity Pierce Buxton into our Top 101 Outstanding Professionals of 2017.