Ada H. Citron, Alternative Healing Coach,LMT

Ada Citron is an Alternative Healing Coach. A Licensed Massage Therapist since 1988, a Brown graduate with Honors in Semiotics, and Masters level coursework at Columbia in Counseling, she is excellent at integrating systems. Her work uniquely combines traditional models of coaching with Taoist practices and Native American rituals. She works extensively with The Core Methodology, an Inner Dialogue with the Inner Child approach to Healing, which was gifted to her from from Barbara Threecrow, who received the Original Vision from Spirit.

Ada shares a special gift to gently guide people to connect to the truth of the spiritual nature of their being. Her work tailors itself to the needs of her clients in a fluid and effective manner.

Contact Ada for more info and arrange a preliminary interview. She works remotely on Skype, via phone, and in person on the Upper West Side of New York City and in Hurley, New York.

Phone: 917.576.8890


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